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by Khushboo on January 25, 2011

1) Lindt Sea Salt: I’m tempted to say that sea salt and chocolate pair almost as well as chocolate and peanut butter…almost. Put your skepticism aside and trust me on this. It’s so delicious that I may sprinkle regular salt on all my chocolate 😉


2) Basil: I’ve recently gone basil crazy and have been adding it to more than just pasta sauce: salads, stir fries and sandwiches. A few leaves really spruces up any dish, and adds a distinct Mediterranean flavor. Consider it a glorified lettuce. Oh and side-note: apparently basil is an aphrodisiac.

3) Pink Grapefruit: If this is a natural fat-burner, my body fat percentage must surely be in the negatives now. Plus this is going to do nothing for my street cred but its color is just so pretty! 😳

4) Functional Lunges i.e. walking up the stairs. This seems much more productive than bobbing up & down in front of the mirror. As I live on the 15th floor, I sure do feel the burn when I finally climb Mount Everest reach home, oh so sweet, home 😆

5) Amul Ice Cream: Haagen Daaz and Ben & Jerry’s don’t light a candle to Indian vanilla ice cream. Yes, I’ve read the not-so-glamorous ingredient list. No, I don’t want to hear it 😕

6) Frozen ripe banana: I’ve started poppin’ a couple slices of these after a meal to change my palate. As bananas are naturally creamy, it tastes just like banana ice cream. It’s also a great substitute for times when I’ve maxed out my daily quota of the above 😛

7) Cinnamon for its subtle sweetness. I seem to be adding this on everything lately. I’m guessing my love for this spice probably stems from my childhood obsession with Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Good times. 😯

…And on a complete different note:

8 ) Public holidays which fall mid-week. Yay for Republic Day tomorrow!

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KK January 25, 2011 at 7:27 am

haha this is so cute! the lindt choc sounds amazing!


Kristina @ Life as Kristina January 26, 2011 at 11:41 am

I’m with ya on the fresh basil-I can’t get enough! And Functional lunges-love that you use the word functional (although some may wonder what the heck you’re referring to)


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