The power of our thoughts

by Khushboo on January 25, 2018

Hey guys! I’m really appreciative of the positive feedback I received on my last post and am pumped to dive more into the mental aspect that essentially forms the foundation of wellness. All of you who follow K Weigh on Instagram (and if you’re not, go follow…duh) are probably familiar with my new weekly series of ‘Info Nuggets with K Weigh’. These are insta stories videos of me dropping knowledge bombs on various topics such as self-love, snacking, acne and so much more. We are only on week 3 but lots to come in that space so keep your eyes peeled around 9 AM every Monday morning (Mumbai time).

This week I discussed an experiment that continues to blow my mind: Dr. Emoto’s Rice Experiment which reveals the effects of positive thinking & emotion.  To sum it up, he placed rice & water in three jars, and then subjected each jar to a positive, negative or neutral attitude for 30 days.

  • Positive jar = kind words & praise
  • Negative jar = harsh statements
  • Neutral jar = completely ignored

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After the 30 days, he found the following results:

  • The jar that received positivity fermented and let out a sweet aroma
  • The one exposed to negativity turned black
  • The jar that was ignored also caught mold and decay

Whether you look at it from a school of law of attraction, quantum physics, epigenetics, psychology mindfulness or just good ol’ self love, the underlying fact is that our thoughts, emotions and words carry a significant amount of power and influence on our wellbeing.  Given that our bodies are made up of 60-70% water, it’s astounding to consider the impact negativity can have on our bodies & health.  Whether that’s in the form of guilt after overeating, fear of eating certain foods (e.g. carbs), seemingly harmless statements like I look huge or I hate my (insert body part) and/or anxiety over a number on the scale, our thoughts are more dangerous than we realize.  As these statements and feelings become the norm, imagine how much further health and wellness deteriorates over time. 

While one might argue that a study done on rice isn’t entirely transferable to humans, we can at least use this experiment as a powerful reminder to increase our awareness of the thoughts we think and the words we use when talking to ourselves and others.  If we start to pay as much attention to the thoughts we focus on as we do to our diet, can you even conceive how much better off our health could be!  Heck forget even just our health, imagine what a bit more mindfulness could do the quality of our life overall! Food for thought eh 😉 ?

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