Cauliflower Steaks

by Khushboo on February 20, 2018

Hey guys! Thanks so much for the support on my last post where I shared about my Fill Your Cup self-love event.  It went off really great and was the first of many, so hopefully more of you living in Bombay can attend them in the future. It was a mix of chat, written exercises, yoga, […]


Fill your cup

by Khushboo on February 12, 2018

With Valentine’s day coming up, there is plenty of focus around love, particularly romantic love.  While it’s certainly an extremely special time of the year, I think that more attention needs to be given to the most important kind of love: Self-love. To me, the term ‘self-love’ means accepting and appreciating every part of you, […]


The power of our thoughts

by Khushboo on January 25, 2018

Hey guys! I’m really appreciative of the positive feedback I received on my last post and am pumped to dive more into the mental aspect that essentially forms the foundation of wellness. All of you who follow K Weigh on Instagram (and if you’re not, go follow…duh) are probably familiar with my new weekly series of […]


Body loathing

by Khushboo on May 26, 2015

Hey guys! I just got back from Budapest yesterday which was epic.  There are so many highlights I wan to share, so I’ll definitely put up a separate post within the next few days in case you’re planning to visit.  In the meanwhile I wanted to quickly link up to my latest entry on Huffington Post:  My […]


A conversation with a K Weigh client some weeks ago spurred on this post.  We were setting her weight loss goals for the upcoming weeks and after some number talk, we went on to discuss qualitative signs of progress.  One thing she had said to me was that she was excited for the people she’d […]