Yeotown Kitchen (restaurant review)

by Khushboo on October 20, 2017

Depending on the day, my class schedule at Le Cordon Bleu will vary. On days when I start late at 3 PM, I only finish at 9.30 PM. Although coming home so late can be a bit of a drag, I appreciate having the first half of the day to myself. If I don’t have any coursework to complete, I usually use that time to sleep a bit longer, work out and go out for lunch. Before my seafood practical in the kitchen last week, I finally had a chance to try out the cutest eatery in Marylebone: Yeotown Kitchen.

Take a seat

Tucked away in Chiltern Street, it is an extension from the Yeotown wellness retreat in Devonshire. This healthy cafe which goes one step further than merely serving healthy food. It prides itself in serving Fuel for Body & Mind embodies the Yeotown ethos of the importance of cultivating both physical and mental health for a truly healthy life. Strong in Body, Clear in Mind!” (Source).  Although not an easy feat in a generation so obsessed with appearance, it’s incredible to see mental health being given equal, if not more, importance to physical health. Upon first step into this cafe, I already knew my mom & I were in for a lovely afternoon. 

The walls are covered in empowering words:

Character Strengths

The edge of each table offers more words of wisdom:

Yeotown Kitchen tables
Accept & Move On

Aside from a handful of indicated dishes, all items on the menu are free from dairy, gluten & refined sugar.  As explained on Yeotown Kitchen’s menu, The happiest people are known to use their top character strengths every day so we named our menu after some as a reminder. From the ‘Courage Bowl’ (Grain of the day, bean/pulse of the day, rocket, sprouts, super seed mix, tomatoes, avocado, gingered sea vegetables, roasted sweet potato, kimchi, tahini dressing) to the ‘Integrity’ (Raw rice paper roll with smoked tofu & a coconut dressing), ‘Bravery’ (Hot flaked salmon ‘Yeorita’ wrap) & ‘Curiosity’ (Gluten-free mac & ‘cheese’ with smoked garlic and white truffle oat cream), each dish sounded increasingly appetizing. After much deliberation on what to order, we decided to share 2 dishes:

Bounce Back – ‘Yeotown Cheeseburger’: Beluga Lentils, caramelized onions, vegan cheddar cheese, local quinoa, walnuts, special sauce, and vegetable burger on a gluten-free bun with cumin catsup with roasted sweet potato fries & vegan aioli:

Vegan burger

Hot Pot Plate of the Day: Daily bean & vegetable stew over whole grains with probiotic raita & sprouted greens.

Bean Stew

We thoroughly enjoyed both dishes and left feeling pleasantly full.  I am on a hunt for the most epic vegan burger in London and this is a close contender- the crunch from the walnuts nicely complemented the burger’s otherwise fragile texture.  Although the mayo and cheddar were replaced with vegan alternatives, they added the perfect amount of flavor and creaminess.  As for the bean stew, it was the perfect comfort food on such a wet, quintessentially British day: hearty & full of flavor.

Rather than dessert, we ended our meal with a wander downstairs to the ‘Meditation Spot’ which is comprised of two serene meditation pods, both with 5-7 minute guided mindfulness meditations.  Customers can choose from various guided meditations that focus on self-love, confidence, finding focus & balance, all-round rejuvenation and/or soothing anxiety.

Meditation Station

With mental health issues increasing and the busyness that comes with city life, this spot is the perfect opportunity to recharge & re-align beyond merely sipping on a green juice or snacking on a chia pudding.   When/if I ever open my own cafe (Universe, do your thang), this is exactly how I would want it to be i.e. Customers would leave feeling nourished both mentally & physically…and would consequently feel an urge to immediately blog about it 😉 .

What’s the last thing you did to optimise your mental health?

What’s the yummiest thing you’ve eaten lately?

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