Bringing back dairy

by Khushboo on October 5, 2015

What up guys!  I’ve been planning to update you all about my dairy hiatus for a while now, so I figured there’s no better day than today. Long story short, I adopted a Paleo diet around end 2013 (which then transitioned into the Whole30 in January 2014).  After reintroducing dairy, I noticed several unfavourable symptoms […]


A while ago, I put up a blog post on going dairy-free (you can read about it here), but I never really followed up.  Especially as eating a vegan diet and/or going without milk products has become rather popular, I wanted to share my experience on a dairy-free diet.  Giving up dairy: Long story short, I […]


Raw Pressery Juice Cleanse

by Khushboo on January 8, 2015

Hi guys!  Like the start of every year, detox diets regain their popularity after a season full of indulgence.  From juice cleanses to elimination diets, many of us are willing to try just about anything to see fast results in terms of weight & overall wellbeing.  In fact, this time last year I was doing […]


Coconutty Apple Chia Pudding

by Khushboo on November 6, 2014

Apparently I’m really into breakfast: despite Monday’s post, I have another breakfast recipe to share.  This time it’s on the sweeter side.  But before we get to that, here’s somethings for my friend in the UK to get excited over…at least those who love breakfast as much as I do: London’s first cereal cafe will […]


Sautéed Kale Breakfast Bowl

by Khushboo on November 3, 2014

A self-proclaimed health nut who likes kale- gah how much of a cliché am I!  Since the company Trikaya started growing kale in their farms in India, it’s become so easily available here…and therefore has also become a staple at home.  While I’m a fan of most veggies, there is something about kale that makes […]


Coconut-Crusted Shrimp

by Khushboo on October 20, 2014

Hey guys!  Hope your weekend was a good one!  After much debate & then seeing a friend’s iPhone 6 on Thursday night, I finally decided to go for gold.  I haven’t played around with it yet, but just based on looks, it’s one heck of a sexy phone!  I should be getting it within the […]


The Whole30 Post

by Khushboo on April 14, 2014

Thanks for the warm welcome back to blogging!   During my hiatus, I  made a list of topics to post about eventually so I’m going to get right to it.  First one up: The Whole30  It seems to be the rage right now, but for those of you not familiar with it, The Whole30 is a […]