Is it me or did summer sneak out of nowhere?? I leave for London in a couple of days and I am PUMPED! Between the longer days, al fresco socialising, picnics in the park, and so much more, there’s no place I’d rather be during the summer months.  One activity I’m particular looking forward to includes […]


If you’re following me on Snapchat, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been having plenty of fun in the kitchen lately.  And if you’re not, you probably should be: kvthadani4 – shameless plug I know #SorryImNotSorry.  After a long while of eating repeat meals, I am starting to remember the joy of being in the kitchen.  […]


Protein Pizza

by Khushboo on September 14, 2015

In my group of childhood friends in Nigeria, each of our homes was known for at least one specialty dish.  For example, my friend Rids had brownies & cheese balls; we always requested crispy noodles at Nitya’s home; Ayesha’s pantry was always filled with the best variety of crisps & biscuits; Henna’s baked spaghetti was […]



by Khushboo on September 2, 2013

The longer I live in Bombay, the more I seem to develop a liking towards Indian food.  While I am yet to crave popular dishes like butter chicken, saag aloo or baingan bharta, I’ve started to embrace a handful of dishes.  One of which is Poha i.e. my go-to lunch or dinner 3 to 4 times […]


Not so legen-DAIRY…

by Khushboo on February 8, 2013

So I’ve mentioned in the past that I like yogurt…scratch that love yogurt.  Sure it’s loaded with calcium, contains a notable amount of protein, and is a great way of adding probiotics to our diet but I’ll be honest: its health benefits are hardly the reason why I eat yogurt.  I just really like the taste, […]


I know, I know: “No good story ever started with someone eating a salad”, but trust me some salads are an exception.  Before I get into salad talk, I wanted to share a story on rice: A few months ago, my mom had invited her friends over for drinks/snacks.  I say snacks but in Indian lingo, […]


Chickpea Tacos

by Khushboo on October 24, 2012

Although I grew up in Nigeria & London, I’ve always been Indian at heart.  After living in Mumbai for 2.5 years,  I’ve definitely become even more Indian: My speaking still needs work, but it’s heck of a lot better than when I moved here I can watch a Hindi movie without subtitles Despite my fear […]


What better day to put up this post than on “Meatless Monday”.  From my various posts, it’s more than clear that I’m not a vegetarian.  I love eating eggs, chicken is part of my regular diet, and I crave salmon and venison more often than not.  That being said, I tend to eat plenty of […]


Yummus Hummus Burgers

by Khushboo on September 26, 2012

Happy hump hummus day guys! I’ve been on a burger kick these past few days but not just any burger…hummus burgers to be exact.  Before we get to it, let’s talk about hummus for a second.  Is there anything better than warm pitta bread dipped into hummus? I think not! Hummus is one of those […]