A whole lot of deliciousness

by Khushboo on February 19, 2015

Have you ever had one those weeks where each one of your meals seem to be on point?  Even though most of of them have been either at my cousin’s place, a restaurant or at the cinema, I’ve managed to sneak in a few delicious ones at home too.  Hopefully sharing them can be a […]


Hey guys!  I’m glad you enjoyed seeing my day of eats.  While I’d love to make it a regular installment, it’s unlikely merely because my eats stay pretty much the same i.e. I go through a phase of really liking a certain meal or combination and then it sticks a while…or at least until boredom kicks […]


Smoothie talk

by Khushboo on June 26, 2014

I know June 21st officially marked the start of summer, but so does my recent choice of breakfast: Green Smoothies.  As much as I love eating spinach, I’ve always been on the fence about adding it to my smoothies- a veggie smoothie first thing in the morning hardly screams delicious. Guys, don’t let the green […]


What better day to put up this post than on “Meatless Monday”.  From my various posts, it’s more than clear that I’m not a vegetarian.  I love eating eggs, chicken is part of my regular diet, and I crave salmon and venison more often than not.  That being said, I tend to eat plenty of […]