My fave snack bars

by Khushboo on December 20, 2016

Is it me or has 2016 been getting a lot of hate lately? Sure I’m excited for 2017 to start, but I’m also enjoying whatever we have left with the year. Chances are I am in the minority but I have no complaints with how 2016 has panned out. In fact, I am extremely grateful […]


Hey guys! Hope you all had a super weekend and to my fellow Londoners, hope you are making the most of the Bank Holiday weekend. Between a delicious breakfast date at fellow blogger Deliciously Ella’s Mae Deli, attending the Be:Fit London Women’s Health & Festival, and a couple of nights out with friends, I’ve certainly […]


Travel favorites

by Khushboo on August 31, 2015

Hey guys! I’m back in Mumbai after an amazing 3 months away. Fortunately I nipped the jet lag in the bud by forcing myself out of bed at a reasonable hour on Saturday morning and given my OCD, I’m all unpacked and back to the grind.  Aside from being slightly overweight with my luggage, my journey […]


Cashew & Coconut Oatmeal Bars

by Khushboo on September 11, 2014

As open-minded as I try to be about food, there’s one thing which I will attest to being a snob about: Snack bars.  If they contain a dodgy ingredient list (i.e too long), I will 99.9% turn my nose up at them.  I rather have a piece of fruit & some nuts which are as […]


Snackity Snacks

by Khushboo on September 4, 2014

Let’s talk about snackity snacks for a second…everyone loves ‘em!  And if you don’t love snacks you’re weird.  Just kidding…kinda!  In all seriousness, I know there are 2 camps when it comes to eating: i.e. 3 squares meals versus 3 meal with a couple of snacks thrown in.  After plenty self-experimentation, I find that the latter […]


Vegan & Fat-Free Banana Bread

by Khushboo on September 11, 2013

Happy hump day guys!  There’s been a lot of meal talk around here lately so let’s focus on snacks for a second.  What have you been snacking on? A few of my current favourites include fruit & yogurt, nuts, crispbread with peanut butter, chocolate & the occasional protein bar.   As protein/energy bars make great-on-the-go […]


Friday Favorites: 06/14

by Khushboo on June 14, 2013

Happy weekend, guys!  It’s pouring outside as I’m posting this and I’m extremely glad to be indoors right now…almost as glad as I am that it’s Friday.  Aside from snuggling under the covers with a cuppa tea while it’s thundering outside, here are some other favorites of mine from the week: I’m taking a page […]


Waddup Buttercup! In light of my last post on starting 2013 on a healthier note, I wanted to share some of my favorite snacks.  One of the biggest reasons why people give up on their goals to eat a healthy diet is because he/she ends up feeling H-U-N-G-R-Y or deprived. It’s no shocker that snacks […]