Intuitive exercise

by Khushboo on June 18, 2017

In the last couple of years, the term ‘intuitive eating’ has gained plenty of momentum.  The crux of this particular nutrition philosophy involves making food choices based on internal cues from your body. There are no rules about what foods should be eaten and no counting calories/macros.  Some days you might eat more, others day […]


A healthy 2017

by Khushboo on January 2, 2017

Happy happy 2017 from China, friends! While I am pumped for the year to begin, I can’t help but smile as I reflect on the past month. In a word, December was LIT (i.e. amazing). It left me feeling so full: full of good food in my belly, full of love & gratitude for my […]


Hey guys! Hope your week has started off on a great note. I know Mondays tend to get a rep but I’m personally a big fan. To me, the first day of the week signifies a clean slate and I feel like my optimism and motivation for the week ahead is at its peak…even despite the […]


Workout motivation

by Khushboo on June 13, 2016

Hey guys! Marking the start of a fresh week & a clean slate, Mondays seem to be all about motivation.  Given that, let’s talk particularly about workout motivation.  During my recent trip to London, I received a few comments like “You’re so good to work out when you’re on holiday” but to me, that praise […]


Hello…or given that I’m writing this in the morning Good morning sounds more apt!  I recently came across this article on International Breakfasts & was amazed by the amount of variety across the world.  Some which especially stood out include: Japan: Miso soup & rice (or rice porridge) with a side of cooked fish and some […]


Meal inspiration

by Khushboo on September 5, 2013

If Instagram is anything to go by, we are a generation that LOVES food.  Based on past uploads, it seems that my foodie pics generate the most likes…even more so when cringe-worthy hashtags accompany the photos like #foodgasm, #foodporn & #nomnomnom. While social media is a godsend for keeping in touch, it also helps foster […]


All revved up

by Khushboo on August 22, 2013

Am I the only one who knows that consulting with Dr. Google is a bad idea yet continues to do so?  During Sunday afternoon, my upper back & neck started to feel uncomfortably stiff.  Initially I chalked it up to a combination of lack of sleep & poor posture while sitting at my desk.  After […]


Happy hump day guys!  It’s been a while since my last Weight Loss Wednesday post, so I thought it was about time I bring it back…at least for this week!   I’ve been receiving a number of emails from exasperated blog readers and K Weigh clients who have reached a weight loss plateau. Especially when you are […]


One of the perks about having a blog is being able to look back and see exactly what I was doing this time last year (or the year before).  In terms of workouts, I can’t believe how much my style of workouts has evolved.  For starters, I was running a lot a year ago: 4 […]