If we were having coffee

by Khushboo on December 14, 2015

Hey guys! It feels like I haven’t blogged in ages! After 2 trips in different parts of the world, it’s good to be  home & back into a routine.  Since there’s loads to catch up on, grab a cup of coffee (or herbal tea if that’s yor thang) and let’s chat: If we were having […]


Mindful indulgence

by Khushboo on July 6, 2015

Given that I’m the one in my friends circle with a healthy living blog and have made a career as a Nutrition Specialist with K Weigh, it’s often expected that everything I eat is “clean” and nutrient-dense.  While I do tend to gravitate towards healthier options by nature, there are certainly times when I practice […]


Back in Bombay

by Khushboo on May 4, 2015

Hey guys!  I’m back in Bombay and back to reality…at least for now!  April was a rather epic month for me- as I blogged about, I spent a couple of weeks in Guangzhou & then made a pit stop back to Mumbai before flying to Dubai for a very special friend Nikita’s wedding.  She is someone I’ve […]


Healthy on holiday

by Khushboo on June 23, 2014

I hate to categorize my blog under a single genre, but I think Healthy Living would be most apt. Looking back on my posts & instagrams from these past few weeks, I’m sure my eats hardly come across as healthy. There have been snacks in the form of cakes; chocolate just because; burgers & fries for […]


Traveller’s nightmare

by Khushboo on July 3, 2013

Hey guys!  I’m blogging from the other side of the pond today: London, baby!  From what should have been a super smooth journey, it was anything but.  Where to start: I got to the airport on Sunday night and get told at immigration that I need to be offloaded my flight to sort out a […]