Three Things Thursday

by Khushboo on March 23, 2017

Happy Thursday, guys! Since it’s almost impossible to try and intertwine my points below, I’m just going to break down this post into a ‘Three Things Thursday’ kinda scene: 1) As a healthy living blogger, it’s no surprise that most of my blog content is geared towards wellness.  I usually discuss food but today wanted […]


Bringing back dairy

by Khushboo on October 5, 2015

What up guys!  I’ve been planning to update you all about my dairy hiatus for a while now, so I figured there’s no better day than today. Long story short, I adopted a Paleo diet around end 2013 (which then transitioned into the Whole30 in January 2014).  After reintroducing dairy, I noticed several unfavourable symptoms […]


Busting nutrition-related myths

by Khushboo on October 30, 2014

The Internet is double-edged sword space.  I love that it gives everyone a voice- whether that is in the form of blogging, updating Facebook statuses, tweeting, or utilizing any other kind of social media outlet.  Unfortunately that’s also Internet’s drawback.  With a click of a button, misinformation is easily spread and over time, it starts […]