Timmy Green (restaurant review)

by Khushboo on June 28, 2017

Whenever anyone asks me for a London restaurant recommendation, the vibrant Australian brunch spot Daisy Green instantaneously comes to mind.  It’s part of the Daisy Green Collection, which is made up of a handful of great cafes & restaurants that aspire to bring fresh, healthy, high quality food & coffee (inspired by the homeland Australia) to our quirky central London locations (as taken from the website).  Especially given the countless times I’ve eaten at Daisy Green, it was about time I try out one of its sister restaurants: Timmy Green.

Timmy Green

Located at the corner of Buckingham Palace Road & Bressenden Place, Timmy Green is the newest kid on the Nova development block in Victoria. Upon walking in, it was clear that that Timmy Green was the place to be.  Despite being a Thursday night, almost every single table was packed and the overall vibe was buzzing.  With 2 floors and an extended outdoor seating area, it’s certainly spacious . I particularly love restaurants with natural light & high ceilings and Timmy Green certainly delivered.   

True to its Australian roots, Timmy Green too offers an impressive brunch. Several Daisy Green favorites can be found on their brunch menu, along with a few additions.  Think coconut bread French toast, eggs on charcoal toast and halloumi soldiers.  Unlike Daisy Green which shuts by 6 PM, Timmy Green serves food all day long. Given its expansive dinner menu, you can go ultra healthy or ultra indulgent depending on your mood.  Regardless of which route you go down, it’s clear that the restaurant prides itself on using high-quality, seasonal ingredients.   Although my friends & I ordered our own dishes, we were each pleased.  Here’s a look at some of the food on the table:

  • Betel leaf (papaya, coconut, cashew, chili, mint)

Bettel Leaf

  • Daisy garden (roast carrots & harrisa, fresh guacamole, labne, edible soil, fresh crudités) & unpictured charcoal toast

Edible garden

  • Popcorn shrimp (baby gem, chili pineapple salsa, jalapeno cream)

Popcorn Shrimp

  • Paillard of chicken (lemon, chili & mint, crushed avocado, chimichurri, house saladx 2

Paillard of Chicken

  • Roasted sweet potatoes wedges with pomegranate mint yogurt

Sweet Potato Wedges

And because it would be blasphemy to walk out of Timmy Green without trying at least one of their mouthwatering desserts, we ordered the Melbourne Mars Bar Cheesecake…with naturally 4 spoons:

Mars Bar Cheesecake

Especially with summer in full swing and Timmy Green’s al fresco seating area, I would love to go back even just for drinks.  Along with a wide selection of Australian wines, Timmy Green offers a thrilling beverage menu.  One that particularly stood out was the Timmy’s margarita:

Timmy's Margarita

The stereotypical healthy foodie in me couldn’t help but get excited about seeing tequila mixed with almond milk & avocado ;).

What’s your current favourite restaurant in your hometown?

What’s the best dessert you’ve eaten recently? Chocolate soufflé with pistachio ice cream for me. 

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