April 2016

Long time no chat guys! I am currently in London after a truly memorable week in New York. While it’s amazing to be back home, part of me is still very much in an Empire state of mind!  Given the variety of restaurants, grocery stores, farmers’ markets & food trucks, New York is unquestionably a […]


If we were having coffee II

by Khushboo on April 11, 2016

Hey hey! It’s a long time since we had coffee together so grab a mug and let’s chat! If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m heading to New York tomorrow.  Actually I lie, I’d probably squeal in delight.  Aside from going back after 15 years (ridiculous I know), I’m most excited about […]


Hi guys!  Given I have quite a bit of travel coming up over the next few weeks, I’ve really been embracing home cooked meals and spending time in my kitchen.  Although I’ve been sharing quite a few recipes on the blog lately like my K Weigh Penne alla Vodka, I’ve also been bringing back old […]