June 2013

I don’t meal plan…

by Khushboo on June 27, 2013

Hey guys!  Hope your week is going well!  It’s no new phenomena that meal planning has its perks.  From saving time & money, to promoting healthy eating and cutting back on waste, the benefits of pre-planning definitely outweigh the tediousness of actually drafting a menu each week.  Since I started K Weigh, a decent portion […]


I’ve expressed my love for Apple products in the past, but I’ve felt differently over the past weekend…specifically towards my iPhone.  Is it me or is updating software to iOS 6.1. a royal pain the glutes?  First I got an error message that I didn’t have enough memory which prompted me to delete a huge amount of […]


My take on the 3 F’s…

by Khushboo on June 21, 2013

Hey guys! Rather than blog about just food, fitness or friends, I thought I’d do a triple whammy today: Food: Chicken salad has been my go-to lunch recently.  Given my dislike towards mayonnaise, I often use avocado as a replacement.  This past week, I’ve been adding a creamy texture with Greek yogurt instead.  It tastes […]


My Big Fat Greek Frittata

by Khushboo on June 19, 2013

Hey guys!  What’s going on?  Maybe it’s the change of weather that has me craving more cooked food over salads, but lately I’ve been getting more experimental in the kitchen. I’m still resorting to old favorites, but it’s a pleasant change to have new meals thrown into the rota.  While I’m no Nigella Lawson (yet), […]


Fruit makes you fat

by Khushboo on June 17, 2013

You know what I’m loving lately? Melon!  I’m normally more of an apple or berry fan when it comes to fruit, but lately they have been super sweet.  If you’re in Mumbai, tis the season to stock up on melon! You know what I’m not loving? The “Damned if you do & damned if you […]


Friday Favorites: 06/14

by Khushboo on June 14, 2013

Happy weekend, guys!  It’s pouring outside as I’m posting this and I’m extremely glad to be indoors right now…almost as glad as I am that it’s Friday.  Aside from snuggling under the covers with a cuppa tea while it’s thundering outside, here are some other favorites of mine from the week: I’m taking a page […]


Complete 180

by Khushboo on June 12, 2013

Hey guys!  How’s your week? I feel like my workouts and food have done a complete 180 in the past week.  I’ve mentioned my dislike towards Indian food several times in the past, but lately I’ve been feeling it.  It’s a bit like when I started eating beef in December- the craving popped up out […]


Hey guys! How was your weekend? On Saturday I attended a Nutrition & Skin Care workshop hosted by Rujuta Diwekar & Dr. Rashmi Shetty. Especially as I had to leave home at 8 am, I’ve never been more grateful for Starbucks opening at 7am- nothing like a hug in the mug strong Americano to kickstart the […]


Turning 2-5

by Khushboo on June 7, 2013

Hey guys!  Long time no speak!  It feels like ages since I last sat down to write a blog post.  Although 2013 is flying by, these past 2 weeks especially seem to have passed by in a whirlwind.  Between celebrations for my cousin’s official engagement and me turning 25, June sure has started with a […]