January 2013

Hey guys!  It’s been a while since I’ve done a Weight Loss Wednesday post.  If you’re reading my blog, chances are you are interested in eating a healthier diet…or at least somewhat.  Be it health-, exercise-, or weight- related, we all have our individual reasons which motivate us to opt for more nutritious options. Unsurprisingly, […]


I know, I know: “No good story ever started with someone eating a salad”, but trust me some salads are an exception.  Before I get into salad talk, I wanted to share a story on rice: A few months ago, my mom had invited her friends over for drinks/snacks.  I say snacks but in Indian lingo, […]


Four for Friday

by Khushboo on January 25, 2013

Hey guys!  What’s going on?  Because there’s no coherent way to tie together any of the points below, I’m not even going to try: 1) Two-Ingredient Gluten-Free, Flourless Banana Pancakes: Fortunately I tolerate flour & gluten well, but that doesn’t stop me from trying out recipes which don’t contain either.  When I first heard about these minimal-ingredient […]


Meatballs: 1 recipe, 3 meals

by Khushboo on January 23, 2013

Riddle me this: is it possible to crave something you’ve never tried…or at least have no recollection? Apparently so!  A couple of week’s ago, my mom emailed me about a dish she ordered at Delfino, our local restaurant in London: Farfalle con Polpettine di Pollo: Butterfly pasta with chicken meatballs, mixed wild mushrooms, garlic and […]


Mumbai Marathon Mode

by Khushboo on January 21, 2013

It seems like there were a quite a few races taking place across the world this weekend.  The annual Standard Chartered Marathon took place in Mumbai yesterday.  Along with the half & full distance, they also organised a “Dream Run 6 km.”  Last minute (i.e. Friday), I decided to run the latter with the charity […]


Weekend countdown

by Khushboo on January 18, 2013

Wa-haaay for Friday :)!  With the weekend in sight, how about a little countdown to get us through the day: 5 Pins that made me laugh this week:     4 New Chocolate Finds– Let’s just say we are well-stocked at home right now and I’m not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing […]


The “Best” Diet

by Khushboo on January 16, 2013

Hey there!  I actually had another post planned for today, but decided to put it on hold after coming across an article on the “Best Diet” in 2012, as determined by US News and World Report.  Observed by a panel of 22 weight loss & nutrition experts, each diet is reviewed on 7 measures: Short-term […]


Most people go to yoga centres to get their Om on.  This weekend, I went to a yoga centre to get my nom on!  For a change, a few friends & I decided to “break the fast” at The Yoga House in Bandra.  Although there was a bit of grumbling about being up & ready […]


My workout P of A

by Khushboo on January 11, 2013

It’s been ages since I last posted about anything fitness-related…8 weeks to be exact.  Between then and now, I’ve still been working out plenty.  The only difference is that I’ve taken a less formal approach to exercise.  Due to travelling and then my gym in Mumbai being shut for renovations, I am just staying active […]