December 2012


by Khushboo on December 31, 2012

New Year’s Eve, we meet again!  I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that I was getting on the boat to Alibag to welcome 2012.  Although December 31st tends to be quite hyped up, I am looking forward to a low-key night later.  So long as I am with good friends, elaborate plans […]


Pay it forward

by Khushboo on December 28, 2012

These last few days of December are probably the most bittersweet of them all.  On the one hand, the prospect of a fresh start in the new year is exciting, but at the same time it’s sad that all the festivities are coming to an end.  Fortunately there’s one aspect of December that we can continue […]


Happy holidays, guys!  Whether or not you actually celebrate Christmas, hope you had a great day yesterday. It’s safe to say that by Monday, I majorly got into the Christmas spirit.  Although I didn’t get a chance to buy myself an ugly reindeer sweater or set up a tree this year, I did enjoy: Admiring […]


Merry Christmas Eve!!   As much as I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Christmas lunch with turkey and all the trimmings, let’s talk about fast food for a sec.  Over the past year, I’ve noticed one emerging food trend in particular: gourmet fast food.  Forget McDonald’s- suddenly hot dogs are served with champagne,  truffle parmesan fries […]


An Eggs-eptional Meal

by Khushboo on December 21, 2012

Oh hello there weekend!  Amongst many things, one of my favourite weekend pasttimes is going for brunch.  As much as I love sweet breakfasts, I will almost always go for savory at brunch, especially if poached eggs are on the menu.  There are few meals better than runny egg on toast and up until Wednesday, […]


Random Wednesday Thoughts

by Khushboo on December 19, 2012

Happy Hump Day, guys!  I have no witty post title for you today…nor do I have a coherent post to offer.  It’s one of those days where I have a bunch of little things to share and bullet points are much more appealing.  It’s also an excuse to feed my love for list-making so let’s […]


Deck the stalls

by Khushboo on December 17, 2012

I’m starting to think that my brother is a wannabe food blogger.  For starters, he seems to message me more pictures of food than he does conversation.  Suddenly he has also become the expert in places where to eat, and his latest recommendation was the Partridges Food Market in Duke of York Square (Sloane Square). […]


Friday Favorites: Landan Style

by Khushboo on December 14, 2012

Gah how is it ALREADY Friday!!  This week has flown by and I kinda wish time could slow down a bit.  Before I know it, I’ll be in Heathrow heading back to Mumbai.  Fast or not, it sure has been a good week and some of my favorites include: 1) Mulled wine: I had my […]


Twenty questions

by Khushboo on December 12, 2012

Happy 12/12/12!  Don’t forget to make a wish at 12:12 PM (or AM if it hasn’t already passed in your time zone). I’ve been in London for exactly a week yet am still jet lagged…if the whole “It takes one day for every hour time difference” theory held true, my body clock should have readjusted […]