August 2011

Potayto/Potato, Runner/Jogger

by Khushboo on August 31, 2011

**Photo credit to my cousin Karishma: Best.Card.Ever!!** I think I’ve made it pretty clear on my blog that running is one of my favorite forms of exercise.  Everytime I take off my trainers, I want to bottle up that feeling of achievement and endorphins.  As much as I love the sport, here are some factoids […]


One person’s birthday which I will ALWAYS remember is Michael Jackson’s.  Not only because he was a legend but also because it falls on the same day as my brother Anand’s: August 29th!  Happy birthday to the guy who… Watches countless reruns of Seinfield and still laughs like he’s watching the episode for the first […]


When nature calls

by Khushboo on August 28, 2011

When Mamma Nature sends Hurricane Irene rainstorms your way, what is one to do? 1) Cancel any plans to leave your house, including an overdue gym session 2) Start your day off with a heart-warming breakfast 3) Stay in your pyjamas all day 4) Take a mid-afternoon nap 5) Randomly enjoy a slice of cake with […]



by Khushboo on August 27, 2011

One person who I really admire (but don’t tell him nearly enough) is my brother. He is a full-time investment banker who is also currently completing his masters in finance.  During Monday to Friday, his time is consumed at the bank and over the weekend (including Friday evenings), he is attending class. Combine that with […]


Skinny dippin’

by Khushboo on August 26, 2011

After my lunch post yesterday, I was actually super surprised that I had requests for the bean dip recipe.  As I mentioned, it was originally pinto bean chilli.   The only reason I turned it into a dip is because of a lack of microwave (or stove) to warm up the leftovers. Funny how things work […]


Brown paper bag: week 2

by Khushboo on August 25, 2011

Another week gone by, another Thursday is upon us which means YOU get a look into MY lunchbox….or as we established last week,  my ‘reused plastic bag’ :lol:.  I’d like to think of this lunch as a perfect example of making the most of leftovers: Enough small chat, here are the goods: A rainbow Mixed Salad […]


Best of all worlds

by Khushboo on August 23, 2011

In my frazzled state this morning, I gave myself the best gift: 45 minutes of extra sleep!  When my eyes opened, I literally jumped out of bed to change for the gym because I thought I overslept!  As I started walking to the bathroom, I realised I only set for my alarm for 7:45 am […]


To my friends

by Khushboo on August 22, 2011

While “Mother’s” & “Father’s” Day are so widely celebrated, how many of you let your friends know how much they mean to you on ‘Friendship’s Day’?  Don’t worry, I didn’t either but apparently 7th August was the day to do so.  Screw that, every day should be treated as Friendship Day.  While ‘friends’ come in […]



by Khushboo on August 20, 2011

Every now & then I fall into a workout rut or plateau.  Either I stop seeing results or I lose interest in my exercise routine.  As long as I manage to power through, I don’t necessarily think  hitting a wall is a bad thing.  If anything, changing things up keeps me on my toes…literally!. Whoever […]