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by Khushboo on July 14, 2011

In terms of traveling, I think July has been my month this year! Besides the checking-in part and hoping my suitcase is within the luggage allowance, I’m loving the break from routine, catching up with friends and family and everything else that falls in between…including the food.  Since I took off from Mumbai, it’s been one massive food fest and that ‘gotta try it all’ symptom is in full form.  Rather than be rigid and feel like I’m depriving myself, I rather control my exercising. Whether it’s for 20 minutes or an hour, it all counts.  Without signing up for a gym membership, here are some ways I’ve been working out regularly while traveling.

Fitness resistance bands
These are the epitome of portability: they take up even less space in my suitcase than a pair of jeans.  For weight training and strength gains, these come in handy.  Because resistant bands rely on body weight, they don’t put strain on muscles.

Hotel/building gyms

I’m an 80-year old trapped in a 23-year old’s body i.e. the concept of ‘sleeping in’ is something I struggle with.  Fortunately my cousin’s building in Dubai and hotel in Prague both had gyms so I managed to fit in some sessions without feeling like I was missing out (everyone else was still asleep)

As long as you do it long enough and with some effort, walking is a killer form of cardio.  Without needing to spend  €€ on tour buses in Prague, I managed to ‘see’ the city plenty and take it all in.

Running in the park
One of my favorite places in the whole world is Hyde Park in London. Running through it elevates me into a state of euphoria which I can’t even describe.  Given the ideal weather conditions, I plan on making the most of it during my time here.

Local health centres/YMCAs
Rates at these places tend to be relatively reasonable- about £6 per class.  Much to my surprise, a new health centre recently opened up about half a mile away from my building in London. Between that and another one, I have a variety of strength training classes to choose from like Body Pump, Body Tone and Legs, Bums & Tums.

This is probably the most effective: cardio (walking) while carrying hand weights (‘heavy’ bags)…all the more reason to increase the frequency 😉

Exercising on holiday- yay or nay?

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Sara K July 14, 2011 at 6:39 pm

Just found your blog and LOVE ITTTTT- sounds like we have a lot in common 😉 I was just in Mumbai actually two weeks ago visiting some friends/living the high lifeeee 🙂 And Dubai- I used to live there (and I’ve been to Prague too)…and in reference to this post, shopping is DEFINITELY a form of exercising, all that walking, all those bags, increased heart rate at discovering a fabulous sale item!
Exercising on vacation? Yes if you can make it fun (like shopping, walking around to sightsee, playing tennis, etc)


Priyanka July 15, 2011 at 12:49 am

Surprisingly I do much better with my exercises when I am on vacation. May be it is the proximity of the hotel gym, but it gets me very motivated.


Parita July 15, 2011 at 3:02 am

I definitely exercise while on vacation, BUT sometimes you have to find sneaky ways of fitting it in. I love all of your suggestions! The last one is my fav 😉


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