A twist on an old classic

by Khushboo on June 13, 2011

As a kid, chicken salad sandwiches used to be my favorite…particularly bought from Marks & Spencer.  Had you offered me one of those or a jar of caviar, I would have undoubtedly reached for the former.  I still love chicken salad sandwiches but the mayo bit? Yeahhhh not so much!  In fact, I hate mayo.  Personally I just think it defeats the whole purpose of a salad/sandwich.  The regular stuff is full of saturated fat and so not worth the calories whereas the low-fat varieties are full of preservatives and other crap to compensate.

Mayo, or not, I think I can still create a pretty mean chicken salad sandwich.  Enter avocado. It adds the same amount of creaminess and adds not 1, not 2 but TWENTY vitamins and minerals to the meal.  Next time you want to make a delicious chicken salad sandwich, try my method instead:

1) Get yo ripe avocado and favorite kind of bread…or whatever you can get your hands on 😉

admit you are digging my baller oven mitt 😉

2) Using a fork, mash the avocado.  Once you have toasted the bread, knife on a layer of 0% Greek Yogurt and then top it with the avocado- yes avocado has fats, no don’t be afraid to lash it on…especially if you want your hair to shine, and skin to glow.  Gotta love those healthy fats 🙂

3) Because it is, after all, a chicken SALAD sandwich, I suppose we should throw some in.  Layer the toast with some lettuce, cucumber, and tomato slices

4) Once you have boiled and shredded your chicken (or conveniently picked some up from your nearby rotisserie), add the chicken as your next layer.  Sprinkle on some salt & black pepper.  And don’t forget some red chilli flakes because you’re wild and want to spice things up 😉

…There you have it peeps, an easy and delicious way to incorporate lean protein, wholegrains, veggies and healthy fats in one meal!

Image courtesy of California Avocado Commission  Source

Growing up, what was your favorite sandwich?

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Priyanka June 13, 2011 at 5:36 pm

Growing grilled cheese with tomato soup was definitely my favorite. My mum would add something tart like olives or pickles to give it a kick.

I love avocados, they are buttery and so creamy, yet so good for you.


Maneka Chotirmall June 15, 2011 at 2:01 pm

This sandwich looks like a keeper-shall definitely try it soon. Growing up my favorite sandwich was a grilled ham+cheese sandwich! 🙂 I’m still a huge fan!


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