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by Khushboo on March 21, 2011

Is it me or are you also noticing that more and more random holidays/days keep popping up?!  Here’s one that takes the cake: March is considered ‘National Caffeine Month’.  That’s right- your cup of coffee is getting some limelight 😕


Are you a java junkie? Chocolate addict? Pro Plus popper? Advocate of green tea? If so, you’re more bad ass than you thought.  Even though caffeine is the drug of choice for a majority of the population, not many people people seem to understand what exactly caffeine is and its side-effects. At least I didn’t until I read up on it.  Did you know that caffeine:


  • Enhances your mood: by increasing your dopamine levels, caffeine makes you feel happier.  That clears up a lot about chocolate 😉
  • Doesn’t work by providing energy.  If so, a cup of black coffee would not be zilch calories.  Instead, caffeine blocks adenosine receptors which stop you from getting drowsy.
  • Increases your toilet paper usage: the diuretic properties of caffeine increase the urge to pee.  It also accelerates digestion, forcing food right out the back door that much faster…er awesome?! 😆
  • Boosts one’s ability to learn, comprehension, memory, reflexes, clarity of thought.  Who’s with me when I say that the appeal of Diet Coke, Pro Plus, and Coffee multiplies during exam time?
  • Works the same parts of the brain as cocaine, amphetamines, and heroin.  It just has milder effects.
  • The stimulant effect of caffeine which keeps your brain overactive may prevent sleep, which is why I’m convinced I’m immune to caffeine as I drink a mug of green tea and eat chocolate very single night before bed.
  • Benefits athletic performance: try having a shot of coffee before your next run.  By reducing glucose and burning and increasing fat burning, caffeine improves endurance
  • Decaf products aren’t caffeine-free.  It just means that less than 2.5% of the product is caffeine
  • Complete absorption of caffeine takes 30-45 minutes and its effects diminish within 3 hours.

My take on caffeine: as long as you’re not consuming excessive amounts, I don’t think there’s a need for the average person to avoid it completely.  That being said, drinking 100 cups of coffee in 4 hours can cause convulsions (and even death) whereas a man died in 2007 from overdose after taking 30 No-Doz polls.  No need to get your panties in a twist: those are extreme rare cases!  But 3-4 cups of tea/coffee daily, a few pieces of chocolate here and a Diet Coke there is safe.  If, however, caffeine affects your sleep patterns, then it might help to cut back.  The lethal dose of caffeine is about 150-200mg per kg of body weight.  For a better idea of what that is equivalent to, check out the chart below:


Coffee Amount Caffeine
coffee, generic brewed 8 oz 102-200 mg
coffee, Starbucks brewed 16 oz (grande) 330 mg
coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts brewed 16 oz 206 mg
caffé latte or cappuccino, Starbucks 16 oz (grande) 150 mg
caffé latte or cappuccino, Starbucks 12 oz (tall) 75 mg
espresso, Starbucks 1 oz (1 shot ) 75 mg
espresso, generic 1 oz (1 shot) 30-90 mg
coffee, generic instant 8 oz 27-173 mg
coffee, generic decaffeinated 8 oz 3-26 mg

Tea Amount Caffeine
black tea, brewed 8 oz 40-120 mg
green tea, brewed 8 oz 30-50 mg
black tea, decaffeinated 8 oz 2 mg
Starbucks Tazo Chai Tea latte 16 oz (grande) 100 mg
Nestea 12 oz 26 mg
Snapple 16 oz 42 mg
Lipton Brisk iced tea 12 oz 10 mg

Soft drinks Amount Caffeine
Coke 12 oz 35 mg
Pepsi 12 oz 38 mg
Jolt Cola 12 oz 72 mg
Mountain Dew 12 oz 54 mg
7-Up 12 oz 0 mg
Sierra Mist 12 oz 0 mg
Sprite 12 oz 0 mg

Energy drinks Amount Caffeine
Red Bull 8.3 oz 80 mg
SoBe Essential Energy, berry or orange 8 oz 48 mg
SoBe No Fear 8 oz 83 mg

Desserts Amount Caffeine
dark chocolate 1.45-oz bar 31 mg
milk chocolate 1.45-oz bar 11 mg
coffee ice cream or frozen yogurt 8 oz 50-60 mg
hot cocoa 8 oz 3-13 mg


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G March 21, 2011 at 11:55 am

First time reader! Super interesting post! I’m trying to get my boyfriend off of coke (he drinks waaaay too much) and will show him this info! 🙂 Moderation is key!


Khushboo Thadani March 21, 2011 at 11:58 am

Welcome to my blog! Hope you continue reading :)! Moderation definetely is key- if this post fails to show him the light, find a picture of someone’s teeth after drinking mass amounts of Coke. That should do the trick ;)!


Parita @ myinnershakti March 21, 2011 at 1:03 pm

Hi Khushboo! I just found your blog and love it. 🙂 Your story is really inspirational and your writing style is fun to read. I will be following along! And yes, I am addicted to coffee (said as I take a huge gulp)!


Khushboo Thadani March 21, 2011 at 2:23 pm

Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog! Hope youll be sticking around!Had a look at yours and it too is a great read, look fwd to reading future posts :).


hamisha March 25, 2011 at 6:02 pm

glad to know coffee is a pro


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