Confessions of a blogger, take 2

by Khushboo on January 8, 2011

If you didn’t grow up with me/aren’t good friends with me, here’s something which you probably aren’t aware of about me: Growing up, I was majorly confused about my roots. My last name may end with ‘-ANI’ but I was almost certain that I was, how do I put it…African American. I would walk around using phrases like word up dawg and end emails with much love. I was in love with Ja Rule, occasionally wore a ‘doorag’ (bandana), Missy Elliot was my idol and I owned not one, but 2, pairs of Timbaland boots…one of which were pink :oops:. Looking back at old photos and reading past emails makes me cringe like no other. I do still have that side somewhat in me and still have some mad rappin’ skills, but for the sake of my street cred, I’d like to think it exists on a much smaller scale.

Another thing which you might not know: I used to be a sucker for those chain survey emails where they’d ask you just about everything under the sun:

What are you wearing? Who was the last person you spoke to? What’s your favorite movie?

As fun as filling them in was, it was even more enjoyable reading other people’s answers. For old time’s sake, I thought I’d fill one in. Posting the answers on my blog seems slightly more sophisticated than forwarding it to everyone as an email :lol:. And just to get it out there once and for all: I was a total Spice Girls fan and that explains my AOL screen name: KPOWER88. Don’t even lie, you know it’s cool!

Here goes nothing 😯

1. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have 3 items, what would they be?

A plane, petrol and pilot. Ok ok, if that’s not available then it would have to be:

  • My sister or a good friend (any will do)
  • My iTouch (Let’s pretend battery issues do not exist)
  • Unlimited food (considering it’ll just be us two, we may as well get fat :D)

2. If you had to only eat one food item for the rest of your life what would it be?

That’s a toughie. As much as I love oats, I don’t think my love for them would sustain if milk/yogurt/peanut butter wasn’t involved. With the option of only one item, it would have to be BREAD: bagels, loaves, rolls, brioche- technically it’s still one item 😉

3. Are any of the walls in your house painted your favorite color?

Nope, my walls at home are pretty blah. I’m determined to have one wall painted red/another bold color once I’m living in my own casa.

4. Would you rather have a piece of pie, a cupcake, a cookie, a bar or a piece of cake on your birthday?

Cookie, cake, cookie cake…tough one but it would have to be a cookie. On my 21st birthday, I went to town with dessert: chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake. Way to combine the best of both worlds, right!

5. If you could choose to live on a beach, in the mountains, in the woods or in a big city which would it be?

Big city hands down! The novelty of a beach would wear off once I became tanned as would the serenity of living in the mountains. As for living in the woods, don’t even go there!

6. Who is your favorite band/musician from your teenage years?

Spice Girls, Eminem, Ja Rule, N*Sync. I also loved Jay-Z & Usher but that hasn’t changed.

7. Have you ever tried Bikram? If not, would you?

Yup but I wasn’t ‘too hot on it’ 😉

8. What is one of your favorite smells?

Fresh laundry, cocoa butter, Body Shop White Musk, vanilla, freshly baked cookies

9. If you could have any job in the world, what would your dream job be?

I’m still yet to discover my dream job but it would be flexible, lucrative, and involved with nutrition. Oh and I would be my own boss. It’s going to happen…eventually.

10. What is one of your worse personality traits?

I’m quite strong-willed/stubborn. If someone does something wrong, I can’t pretend that it never happened. The subject needs to be addressed/an apology needs to be made before I can move on. Maybe I should work on my level of diplomacy.

***Just for fun- choose any one of the questions above and fill it in with your answer :)***

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Sonali Kewalramani February 1, 2011 at 10:31 am

Let’s not lie. ‘Good friend (any will do)’. Think you should write another post and confess the truth, i’m sure Gayt could handle it 😉


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