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by Khushboo on November 23, 2010

Fruitus bars: I bought an Organic Apple & Oat flavored Fruitus bar** ages ago but it sort of drowned in my handbag. I completely forgot that it was lurking in there until I emptied out the contents of my bag (why do keys always land up at the absolute bottom of the pile??).   I normally hate snacking on cereal bars because they’re gone in like 2 bites, but these could quite possibly be an exception.  I am kicking myself for not buying more of these.  As opposed to regular cereal bars, this was quite soft and chewy.  This great texture combined with the apple flavored gave it an apple pie-esque feel…too bad it wasn’t a la mode ;)! The nutritional stats are great and long-lasting.  They have a combination of faster-acting and slower-acting carbohydrates, with both soluble and insoluble fiber from the fruit and oats.  Check out the short & sweet ingredient list:

Oats*, sultanas*, apple*(8%), sunflower oil*, apple juice*(6%)

This was definitely a pleasant surprise after I, out of curiosity, looked behind a Nature Valley Trail Mix Granola Bar wrapper the other day.  I always thought those suckers were healthy but it looks like I was the only sucker around. Those bars have like a gazillion ingredients!! As a snack once in a while, I’d opt for a Nature Valley but it’s wouldn’t be my go-to grub…especially when high maltose corn syrup features 2nd in the ingredient list!  Fruitus bars, on the other hand- now that’s something I can work with :)!

**If you’re not an Apple fan:

a) You’re a weirdo; and

b) Other flavors these bars come in include: Pomegranate & Blueberry, Apricot, and Mixed Berry

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