Fake it till you make it

by Khushboo on November 14, 2010

Is it me or has anyone else ever felt like being at a gym is like being in multiple locations simultaneously: i.e. a party, come indoor playground, come zoo all at once.  Firstly, I am pretty sure it’s a pre-requisite for gyms to blast the music’s volume. Even though the chosen tracks may not be your cup of tea (or your glass of protein shake, if you please ;)), it still creates a vibe which helps members zone out and want to take their workout to the next level.

Instead of monkey bars and slides, you have rowing machines and treadmills to ‘play’ on. Whichever direction you look towards, 95% of the rest of the members appear to be doing their ‘thang’ and having a good time. Whether it’s cranking up the intensity on the machine, conversing with one another, watching TV, reading magazines as they cross train the time away, or singing to themselves (sometimes louder than necessary), at least they are enjoying themselves.

Of course, how can I forget my personal favourite: the bodybuilders who ‘bark’ away as they lift dumbbells which probably weigh more than I do :roll:.  And once these shenanigans are all over, you can leave feeling the same way you would from a spa: rejuvenated!…rejuvenated by the fact that you’re that much closer to meeting your goals; rejuvenated by the production of endorphins; rejuvenated because you have done something for yourself today; rejuvenated that you ‘worked off’ last night’s indulgences.  Whatever the reason, you know you’re going to walk away feeling like a happy camper. 😀

Suddenly the idea of a ‘gym’ has regained its charm. Life isn’t all fun and games but it doesn’t mean the gym can’t be. If the mere mention of a gym resonates with you terms such as ‘misery’, ‘pain’, ‘soreness’, give those thoughts the boot. Even if it means playing mind tricks initially, create a positive attitude towards fitness and you will surely reap the benefits.  Sometimes a change in mindset can be the push we need to see a change. And the same goes with food. Rather than approach certain nutritious foods with an immediate disdain, focus on how much good you are doing for your body and the quality of fuel it provides. Shift your approach and watch everything fall into place. Someone wise once said something about your thoughts becoming your actions. Ah right, that was Gandhi ;).

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fitnessfunandforyou November 14, 2010 at 7:06 am

Enjoyed this artical!! So true sometimes you have to just go thru the motions and then all of a sudden you are back into the habit!


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