Excuse me

by Khushboo on November 4, 2010

Yesterday Morning’s Plan of Action: wake up (always a promising start ;)) –> breakfast–> gym.  What can I say, plans were made to be broken.  Chuck Bass and the rest of the Upper East-Siders kinda took precedence over the gym. After missing my scheduled workout, it was so tempting to cancel it completely.  Not tempting enough though: I had an hour free during the afternoon so I managed to drag my butt to the gym.  Despite feeling like a hamster on a wheel, my intended 20 minutes on the cross trainer turned into 45 :).

If you’ve ever used the “I have no time to work out excuse”, shame on you.  There are 24 hours in a day.  Chances are you’re asleep for 8 of those hours, which leaves you 16 hours to fit in a workout.  Even if a coffee date appointment comes along which means you can’t stick to your planned workout, I’m almost certain you can make it up at some point later on in the day…even if it’s not for as long as intended.  And for what it’s worth, if Obama can set aside 30 minutes for his daily run, you probably can too…YES, YOU CAN :)!

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