Nature’s candy

by Khushboo on October 22, 2010

It really frustrates me when people don’t eat fruit because it’s “high in sugar”. While there is some truth in that, the sugars are all NATURAL. In other words, fruit is easily digestible and hence a great way to fill up on minimal calories due to it’s high fibre content. As soon as a diet suggests giving up fruit, that’s when you know it’s not a healthy road to go down. I’ve always been a fruit lover and eat a lot of the stuff daily. I sometimes even eat it right after a meal and it’s done me no harm šŸ˜® .

Especially on a hot day, nothing beats a refreshing bowl of pineapple or cold orange slices. Ā Here are some creative and healthier replacements to more conventional forms of sweets.

ā€¢Haribo: driedĀ apricots (think the omelette shaped ones)
ā€¢Fudge: frozen dates (go for the MejdoolĀ kind as they’re fresh)
ā€¢Boiled sweets: frozen grapes
ā€¢Smoothies lollies: frozen bananas
ā€¢Jam on toast: mashed/whole berries or applesauce on toast
ā€¢Ice lollies: pour fresh orange juice in ice lolly moulds and freezeĀ 

Come on guys, put the pills down and get your daily dose of vitamins naturally!

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