Ending 2010 with a bang!

by Khushboo on October 7, 2010

Ok so is it me or has this year flown by?! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was debating what to wear on New Years’ Eve. Well guess what- 2010 is almooost over: 85 days to go!!  So in honor of that, I was thinking, let’s have some fun…perhaps a warped sense of fun but nonetheless.

Ever heard of a burpee??  No, not the sound you make after you’ve eaten over and beyond full capacity (that would just be so unladylike of me :lol:). I’m referring to a squat-thrush, full body exercise. It’s a combo of a squat, push-up (I do girl push-ups, i.e. knees on the floor :oops:) and vertical jump. Click here to see a video of the movement.  It’s used in both cardio & strength training as it works a billion muscles (well just under), from your triceps to your core, hamstrings, calves, lower back and hips.  Forget grapefruit & celery, THIS is the ultimate fat burner!

This 85-day burpee challenge is quick, convenient, can be done in the comfort of your own home, and costs nada. The premise is basically that one burpee is done on day 1, two on day 2, three on day 3 and so on until 85 are completed on the last day.  2011 ain’t far off so show me what ya got!  Tomorrow marks day 1…

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