You snooze you lose…

by Khushboo on October 4, 2010

…the early bird catches the worm…you must hate me right now.  Considering I’m generally an early riser, I have a soft spot for those expressions. My cousin Nitya and best friend Sonali can vouch for me being one of the most annoying people to share rooms with. I’m one of those freaks whose eyes will open by 9 a.m. regardless what time I went to bed the night before…even on holiday 😳 ! I just hate to wake up at noon and feel as though I’ve wasted my morning. Even during revision time at school and university, my productivity levels always peaked earlier on in the day.

I’ve also grown rather accustomed to working out in the morning which, in my opinion, is the best start to the day. And that’s nothing to do with scientific claims that “it will increase my calorie burn and fat loss by 300%” or that “it will regulate my appetite for the rest of the day”.  It’s more because it’s a big fat tick off my ‘to-do list’, and limits the number of excuses or ‘something betters’ that may qualify a workout as cancellable. Morning exercise also offers that gratifying feeling of virtue you have knowing you’ve done something disciplined and good for you. Even if nothing else goes as planned, at least you’ve achieved something productive for the day. There’s also something about those endorphins which empowers you to face the world.

So exciting news, well for me at least.   In my “About Me” section, I mentioned that I’m studying to qualify as a Nutrition Specialist. I’ve successfully completed the first two modules: Nutrition & Weight Management and Nutrition for Sport & Exercise.  Today marks day one of my third and final module: Client Psychology & Motivation. Psychological motivation can be as simple as reminding yourself the benefits of choosing wholemeal bread over white, or pushing yourself to complete the final 2 minutes on the treadmill…which of course seem to take forever!  Genetics schmenetics: no one’s born a sprinter or skilled like David Beckham.  As long as you put your mind to it, there’s nothing to stop you from surpassing those standards.  I’m expecting to learn a lot from this module so I will definitely spread the love and post anything interesting that comes my way :-D.

On that note, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping (I lie- it’s not thaaat early ;)) and I’m off for a run. It’s a Monday morning which means a fresh start to the week. The slate is clean so don’t have a good week…have a great week!

For you, what turns a morning into a good morning?

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