Pimp my peanut buttah

by Khushboo on September 29, 2010

OMG! Have u ever eaten something and felt like an eruption was occurring inside your mouth? If not, you probably haven’t tried Peanut Butter & Co’s Dark Chocolate Dreams. This, my friends, is basically a swirl of all natural peanut butter & rich dark chocolate and yes, it tastes as epic as it sounds. The ratio of peanut butter to chocolate is just right, enough chocolate to taste but not enough to leave you feeling sickly.  If you too are a peanut butter lover, trust me on this one: buy yourself a jar ASAP! I found this bad boy at Wholefoods in Soho, London but I’m sure it’s available elsewhere. They only stocked this flavour but I Googled the company (because I’m cool like that 🙄 ) and other flavours which they manufacture include:

  • White Chocolate Wonderful
  • Mighty Maple
  • Cinnamon Raisin Swirl

I don’t know why Americans only big up peanut butter and jelly as the best combo in the nation (get it?- combination 😆 ). Peanut butter & chocolate is clearly a match made in heaven (as is peanut butter & banana but I’ll save that for another day).  Mars and Hersheys were onto something when they introduced Snickers & Reeses into the market. After all, neither is cashing in the big bucks for nothing. And unlike your normal jar of peanut butter & chocolate swirl, Dark Chocolate Dreams contains no trans fat, hydrogenated oils, cholesterol, nor high-fructose corn syrup. Plus, it’s quite decent on the calorie front: 170 kcal for 32g (I usually go for 5-10 g per serving). I can see this jar finishing sooner than expected because you just know I’m gonna go ca-razaaay thinking up ways to eat it (other than on a spoon 😳 ).

There u have it: peanut butter is a vice of mine, chocolate is a vice of mine. Give me a jar of the two together & you’ll no doubt ‘butter me up’ 😉 .

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