What’s APP?

by Khushboo on September 27, 2010

No doubt that Steve Jobs got it right when he created Apple.  From the multitude of apps available on the iPhone/iTouch/iPad to the slickness of each product to the antivirus nature of Macs, the benefits of Apple are infinite.  I mean, what other product enables you to play Scrabble with people halfway across the world?!  Even if I tried, I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint something negative about Apple…as a company or fruit.   

Mangoes, strawberries, peaches, passion fruit…these are all considered exotic compared to more standard fruit such as apples and bananas.  Exciting or not, I will always be partial to apple as a fruit.  Like the first sip from a can of Diet Coke, there’s something about the first bite of a crisp apple which keeps me coming back. In terms of being readily available almost anywhere in the world, they seem to be more than just green in color ;)!  Other than that, did you know:

  • An apple a day can reduce your risk of breast cancer by 17%
  • Apples are a delicious source of dietary fibre and hence promote weight loss
  • Whereas most fruits are off-limits for diabetics, pectin in apples supplies galacturonic acid to the body which lowers the body’s need for insulin and may actually help in the management of diabetes.
  • Apples may protect post-menopausal women from osteoporosis and may also increase bone density due to a flavanoid called phloridzin
  • Apples are also found to play a role in inhibiting ageing-related problems, preventing wrinkles and promoting hair growth

Plus they are so versatile.   They can be PEARed ( 😆 ) with almost anything:

  • Salads with cubes of cheddar, Granny Smith apple, and balsamic vinegar
  • Baked in the oven with a dash of cinnamon and a small scoop of vanilla ice cream as a healthy dessert
  • Combined with pork mince to make sausages or burgers
  • Cubes of apple mixed with cottage cheese form a great sandwich filler
  • Stewed in your morning bowl of oats for an apple pie-esque meal
  • Apple & yogurt stacks as a snack
  • Peanut butter apple ‘sandwiches’ as an even yummier snack: cut your favourite kind of apple in four, smother peanut butter in between each pair

Fortunately my name is neither Adam nor Eve, and chances are yours isn’t either.  Which only means one thing: apples are anything but forbidden!  You know how I love my clichés so I’m going to put it out there for the billionth time: an apple a day keeps the doctor away so you know what’s going to appear first on your next grocery list!

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Sonali Kewalramani September 28, 2010 at 6:01 am

I thought you’d put my name on your blog. Thats the only reason I read the Whatsapp one ;).
21 years down the line and you can’t even mention my name. Psht.


sonaliramani September 28, 2010 at 9:49 am

Kway – I just love your blog. Every time I get a notification on my phone that a new post has been put up I get so excited. Apart from helping with being so healthy, all your blog posts make me laugh because I can actually picture you saying the things I am reading!
Anyone who hasn’t suscribed to your blog is really missing out on life :)!


Khushboo Thadani September 28, 2010 at 2:50 pm

Hahah funny girl! Man who else was I referring to about scrabble ;), I’ll be more specific in future!
Thnx for 2nd post babe, really means a lot xx


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