The X-factor

by Khushboo on September 12, 2010

Isn’t it annoying when something runs out?  Breakfast this morning marked the end of my jar of almonds, which meant a trip to Whole foods was in order (psssh because I really need a reason to go to Whole Foods).  As I’m all for incorporating exercise into my daily routine where possible, I decided to leg it there and back (about 80 minutes in total).   It was a win-win situation: I got my almonds (and of course other things which I probably could have done without ;)) and I’ve done my cardio for the day. Oh and the sun was out which meant I got my dose of vitamin D, so win-win-WIN really :).

At Whole Foods, I picked up an ANDI brochure which rates the top 10 foods by department according to their ‘nutrient density’.  It’s a great starting point as it sheds light on the foods we should opt for more frequently.  Much of the time people associate healthy eating/diets with deprivation.  Even when you read magazines, it’s always full of “tips” on how to restrict.  Let’s get a show of hands from those who have given up a certain food for weight-loss purposes. Looking back, I seriously wonder what I was on when I gave up bread for over a year.  Fortunately I’m so over that mindset.  Being healthy is more than just counting calories.  Rather than banning certain foods, I think it is more about incorporating more of the RIGHT kinds of food into your diet, and adding that ‘something extra’ to your life such as:

  • Taking the stairs rather than the lift
  • Staying hydrated by drinking more water
  • Eating a varied diet full of fruit & vegetables

While I do find lists such as ANDI informative, it’s not a case of ‘be all, end all’.  Despite peanut butter not making an appearance in the index, you know I’m still going to be reaching for that jar every day without fail ;).  I am, however, also going to make a conscious effort to eat more papaya, kale, and tuna.  Because I’m a nice person (or just have a lot of free time on my hands :)), I have typed out the leaflet for you.  Click here to check it out…

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