Stuffed or not, there’s ALWAYS room for dessert

by Khushboo on July 12, 2010

Are you more of a sweet or savory person? Like my personality (or so I like to think ;)), I have a mega sweet tooth.  I’ll admit it- I’m a self-confessed dessert junkie. I love eating desserts…I love looking at desserts (call it food porn, if you wish)…heck, I even love just talking/hearing about it.  Without fail, I HAVE to eat some form of dessert every night.  It is kind of what marks the end of my day and it also gives me something to look forward to.  Although I don’t necessarily eat a slice of ‘real’ cake every night, my desserts definetely do feel like somewhat of an indulgence.  And let’s be honest, as much as I love fruit, that alone doesn’t cut it as dessert…no matter how in season the fruit might be.  The only thing is, I try to make sure whatever I opt for is around 200 calories (or less) and that I pair it with a green tea.  That way, I can enjoy what I’m having but also get sort of “filled up” by the hot liquid…and of course, reap the inherent benefits of the green tea.

While I’m sure some people would say that it’s just a habit,  I’l 100% agree with them. By no means do I need to eat a dessert every night but if this one little daily treat makes me feel satisfied without actually breakin’ the scales, surely it can be only be a good thing? Plus if anything, it enables me to actually enjoy eating healthily rather than feeling deprived.  And let’s face it, those people who say ‘eating before bed/at night is a bad idea’ are only missing out (and have no idea what they’re talking about).   
Anyhow enough of my rambling.  The point of this post was to share my latest ‘concoction’.  It’s definetely one to try, especially if you are a die-hard Reese’s Pieces fan like me (or just love peanut butter in general).  Nobody likes measly portions and trust me this was a pretty generous serving. Each bite is like a little drop of heaven and surely hits the spot.
  • 30g oats
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 square of your favorite chocolate
  • 1 teaspoon peanut butter
  • a few slices of banana (optional)
While cooking the oats with water, stir in the chocolate (I used a Galaxy mini), peanut butter, and banana.  Once the oats are cooked, dig in and enjoy every bite!
**Whether or not you include the banana, the above works out to less than 200 kcals

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