Now what’s your excuse?

by Khushboo on July 7, 2010

 “I can’t wake up early enough before work”

“It’s raining”

“I don’t have a gym nearby/ I’m not a member”

“I have no idea what to do”

Yeah yeah, we’ve all made some excuse or another to avoid going to the gym.  I know I sure have.  After working out both on Monday and yesterday, I was planning on taking today off.  But then that nagging feeling that I’m really slacking with strength-training exercises (I kick butt on the cardio front) was hanging over my head so I decided to just do something…anything.

Because every half an hour counts in the morning (pssh more like every minute), I decided to work out at home and trade transport time for a little extra snoozin’.  I sure feel good now but by the end of it, I was EXHAUSTED!  Anyway, all it takes is 35-40 minutes max.  As for equipment, all you need are a mat and either a resistance band** or water bottles/tins to use as arm weights. Here’s the workout…let’s call it the “No Excuse Workout”

Warm-up: Take the lift to 5th floor and then walk up 10 floors (I live on the 15th floor)

  • Bicep curls: 2 sets of 12-15
  •  15 normal squats & 10 wide-leg squats
  • Tricep extensions: 2 sets of 12-15
  • Bird Dog– 2 sets of 20
  • 50 jumping jacks
  • Chest press band:2 sets of 12-15
  • 50 jumping jacks
  • Lateral row: 2 sets of 12-15
  • 15 jumping squats
  • Plank: hold for 75 seconds

Cool down: Walk down 10 floors and then back up

**I highly recommend buying a resistance band. It’s only about £12 and does the same job, if not more, as dumbbells.  Put it this way: it might be a piece of rubber but its uses STRETCH a long way!

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KK July 8, 2010 at 9:59 am

hahahah are those comments directed at me? 😉


Tanvi July 29, 2010 at 5:31 am

It has been fun reading your blog. Congrats on the success! 🙂


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