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by Khushboo on June 22, 2010

I decided to start a new post with this week’s meals rather than add on to the previous one- it’s free after all :D!  As usual, things hardly go as planned.  My immune system has suddenly decided to be somewhat of a major inconvenience and has taken its toll on me.  Hence it has left me craving foods way different to my original plan.  Looks like it is time to really step it up with the antioxidants.  Hey-ho, that’s life…


Lunch: hearty chicken and vegetable soup with quinoa mixed in.  I also had a couple of melba toasts with it because what’s a soup without having something to dunk, right?

Dinner: veggie mince bake with melba toast and a side salad


For dessert, I’m going to bake pineapple in the oven with cinnamon and a drizzle of Agave.  Pineapple crumble without the crumble, I’m hoping?  Fingers crossed we picked a ripe one…

P.S. for what it’s worth, I did end up slightly changing my breakfast this morning.  Rather than my normal oats, fruit, and almonds soaked overnight in soy milk, I made warm pear, banana, & cinnamon oatmeal with a sprinkle of flaked almonds (you gotta have the crunch factor).  I washed it down with a homemade iced coffee and damn, what a combination!




Lunch: A homemade quinoa wrap filled with a mushroom egg-white omelet & Philly light.  On the side, I had some vegetable ragout.  Overall, it was a pretty eggs-cellent lunch.

Dinner: I had the stereotypical sick person’s food: turkey noodle soup.  The thought of it is so boring but it’s always such a yummy, satisfying meal.  Also, it’s one of those meals where with each bite, you can just feel you are being healthy and cleansing your system. 

And now for ‘the’ fun part, dessert: carrot ‘cake’ (i.e. baked oatmeal) with ‘frosting’ (Greek yogurt mixed with agave & vanilla essence).  It’s baking as I type but I have my bets that it’s going to taste pretty indulgent.

The finished product (which by the way tasted awesome):



Lunch: Quinoa wrap filled with houmous, chargrilled tofu, cucumber slices & grated carrot. The thought is yummy but hot cucumber and houmous is just not right- DON’T ASK! As I needed to up my vegetable content, I also had some vegetable broth which consisted of cabbage, carrot, and baby corn. Put it this way- cabbage soup is definetely underrated!

Dinner: While I do normally love healthy food, I was seriously craving something greasy for dinner (blame it on a malfunctioning immune system). My planned dinner of pumpkin+chickpea curry with brown rice and okra chips was no way going to cut it. Instead I had delicious homemade potato wedges with a veggie burger, salad, ketchup, and houmous..and a lot of it to make up for my lunch mishap!

 Dessert is TBC- to be confirmed…but perhaps carrot or choc chip oatmeal cookies as I’ve perfected the baked oatmeal recipe so that it has the texture distinct to cookies. 





Lunch:  Grilled chicken salad with sweet potato medallions and houmous.  This was the first time I had sweet potato after ages and God, were they good!  I don’t know how I ‘forgot’ about them but they are back to stay! 

Dinner:  My cousin came over for dinner, and as she is as much a foodie as I am, I always try and make especially yummy meals for her.  Tonight we had: prawn pad thai, tofu & vegetable lettuce wraps, and a huge salad of mixed vegetables with sesame dressing.  Meals like this remind me how much I love home food!


….So there you have it, a different meal day this week (including a different breakfast combination).  Even though I said I would just try to make my meals interesting for every week day, I might as well go all the way till Sunday 🙂


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Palan June 22, 2010 at 5:04 pm

Can you come & make me brekkie?!?!
All sounds so delish!


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