Shakin’ off the habit

by Khushboo on June 21, 2010

Ever felt you’re in a mega food rut?  If so, join the club!  As much as I love food, I could probably list the meals I regularly eat using just one hand.  That being said, my food rut is full of tasty foods, so I’m really not complaining (much). 

Week in and week out, I tend to eat the same things i.e. prawn arrabiata (minus the pasta) with melba toast and pumpkin chips on Sunday nights, break my Monday fast with daal & rice, chicken of some sort for Tuesday’s lunch, etc!  Therefore I think it’s about time that I jazz up my meals and so have planned a different lunch and dinner for every weekday for the week ahead.  In terms of breakfast, I am going to continue being a creature of habit as it includes my new current obsession: soy milk = YUM!

So mark my word, I’m going to spice up my menu in a way that even Tabasco can’t.  I will keep updating this post with my lunch and dinner for the day (and pictures depending if my Blackberry cooperates).  Watch this space and trust me, it’s gonna be good! Justin Timberlake may have brought sexy back, but I’m bringing delicious back ;-)!

Please see the post above, I decided to devote a post to this week’s meals 🙂

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