If life hands you lemons…

by Khushboo on April 1, 2010

…you can either make a sour face OR make lemonade (I’m sure some of you would rather just whip out the tequila and salt 😉 ) .  As sad as it is to admit, I’m sure all of us have one part of their body which we aren’t too happy with, and wish we could change.  For me, it’s my stomach.  Before it used to be my arms but now I’m quite happy with how they have turned out.  By next year, I’m sure I’ll  find something else to complain about like my fingers or toes.  It’s human nature to complain!  Anyhow rather than sit around and whine about it, I prefer to do something about it…or at least try.  I was actually talking to a friend yesterday and we concluded that two of the only things we have complete control over in life are our academics and our psychical image.  So why not exert complete control over areas where we can?

I think everyone who’s reading this has attempted a diet at some point in their life.  If you were successful, kudos to you.  If you weren’t as successful as you hoped, don’t feel too bad about it. Starting any fitness/nutrition programme is the easy part; motivation to stick with it is where it gets tricky.  Trust me, I know!! I came across this thing called the “Rule of 3’s” and for me, it really hit the nail on the head.  Hope it does with you as well.

“The Rule of 3’s means that it takes:

  • -3 MINUTES to commit to and get dressed for a workout
  • -3 DAYS of healthy eating and exercise to feel better about yourself
  • -3 WEEKS for healthy eating and exercise to become a habit
  • -3 MONTHS of healthy eating and exercise to completely transform your body and your health
  • -1 YEAR of following this healthy path to make a complete lifestyle change

If you can commit to just getting dressed and lacing up those shoes for a workout, you’ll be more likely to actually follow through with it. If you do your part for 3 days, you’ll start to feel better and want to continue on your journey to better health. If you make it 3 weeks, you’ll REALLY feel great and know that you can do this. It will become a habit and you’ll want to keep it going! So 3 months later you’ll look (and feel) like a brand new you. The pattern will continue and you’ll be living your new life, with less chance of reverting to your old ways, after just 1 year.”                   

(Last bit was quoted by personal trainer Katie Kottmann)

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