Thinking out loud

by Khushboo on December 18, 2014

Hey guys!  Today is one of those days where I have various little things to blog about, none of which deserve their own post so get ready for a word vomit…or in more socially appropriate terms, I’m thinking out loud with my girl Amanda:

  • I loved reading all your comments to Monday’s post on Staying Healthy Over the Holidays.  It looks like general consensus has salad on one hand, cookie in the other balance written all over it. If you haven’t already, do take a look at the comment section.
  • Given my fall last week, I went in to the Pinkathon 10 KM run for Breast Cancer with little expectations to actually run.  I am pleased to say that I ended up running the whole distance thanks to the fantastic energy and 2 fab running buddies.  Although the wounds on my knees did sting afterwards, it was worth every bit in terms of runners’ high & participating in such a wonderful cause.  So far I’ve raised about Rs. 70,000 and I’m hoping to get that up to Rs. 100,000 within the next 2 weeks so please sponsor me.  Another huge thanks to those of you who already have.  I’m definitely thinking this is going to be an annual race for me.


  • Can you believe it’s only 1 week till Christmas?  Although we don’t really celebrate the holiday here at all, I’ve upheld my annual tradition of watching Home Alone 1 & 2 and plan to watch my third favorite The Santa Clause over the weekend.  And of course Mariah Carrey’s rendition of All I want for Christmas is back on my playlist.
  • I’ve been all about the natural remedies this past week, especially when tackling one of the joys of being a female: water retention.  Good news guys: I’ve found a solution, courtesy of my friend Urvashi: 2-3 cups of parsley tea daily i.e. a tablespoon of dried or fresh parsley seeped in hot water.  It doesn’t taste very nice, but works SO well…be sure to eat the parsley at the end too.  Gotta love natural diuretics!

Parsley tea

  • Another natural remedy I’ve been loving is aloe vera!  I’ve been alternating between coconut oil, vaseline  & aloe vera  to keep my knee wounds moist so that they don’t leave a scar, but apparently aloe has so many other uses.  It’s definitely something I’m going to constantly keep on hand!
  • After months of not eating quinoa for no reason at all, I’ve been all about it for dinners lately.  I tend to cook enough for 2-3 times to streamline dinner prep during the week.  Although it’s not much of a recipe, this quinoa concoction turned out really well and  was the perfect much-needed comfort dinner on a Monday night: 


Sauté together tofu cubes, broccoli & mushroom slices.  Towards the end, add in cooked quinoa & marinara sauce.  Stir in oregano & a heaped tablespoon of nutritional yeast. Stir to combine well &  heated through. 

Wahay for unintentional ‘Meatless Monday’ meals…and alliterations ;) !

And that’s me done for today! 

How are you getting into the Christmas spirit before the big day? 

What did you have for dinner on Monday? 

Got any natural remedies that you swear by?  Please share!


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