3 things from the weekend

by Khushboo on August 18, 2014

Hi guys!  How was your weekend?  It was a long weekend in Mumbai as Friday was Independence Day. The last few days involved a nice balance of fun, food, exercise and relaxation…and I’m about to share 3 things from the weekend:

1) Although it’s nearing the end of the season, I finally got my share of mangoes.  I froze some with the intention of making mango smoothies but those are yet to happen.  After eating a piece straight out the freezer I quickly forgot about smoothies- you guys, the texture of frozen mango chunks tastes exactly like mango sorbet!  Alfonso mangoes are overly sweet (I know I know, I’m a terrible Indian for saying that) so I paired the chunks with some almond butter to tame down the sweetness. The combo tasted heavenly!  Almond butter & frozen mango is totes the new peanut butter & banana.

Frozen mango & almond butter

2) First Chef & now The Hundred-Foot Journey …I am loving the upsurge of foodie movies lately! I really enjoyed both, but The Hundred-Foot Journey slightly more.  It involves a cultural clash between an Indian family that sets up an Indian restaurant in France across the street from a Michelin-star restaurant & the latter’s owner.  As much as the sight of French delicacies made me drool, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride for Indian cooking.  We may not be busting out glamorous dishes like frog legs & croissants, but there’s something to be said about our use of spices to create intricate & unreplicable flavours.  It’s a total feel-good movie, so definitely check out The Hundred-Foot Journey if it’s playing near you!   

3) The best workouts always tend to be the ones that are least expected…am I right or am I right!  I planned to hit the gym on Saturday morning for a lower body workout, but nixed that plan when I woke up- I just couldn’t bear the idea of being in a gym.  After spending a good portion of my day in bed, I eventually decided I needed to kill the lethargy…even if it just meant a quick workout at home.  Although it only lasted 20 minutes, I felt like I got a solid workout in- definitely one to try out when time is of the essence.  I used a set of kettlebells, but those can easily be replaced with dumbbells.  As always this workout is what works for me, so please tailor it to fit your capabilities:

Snoozy Saturday Workout

What’s your favorite fruit to pair with nut butter?

What was the last film you saw? 

Share something random from your weekend…


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